Youth Council

Have your say with the New Forest South Youth Council!

The New Forest South District Youth Council is the chance for you to get involved in our District. Give your views and feedback on what you want. Learn some great skills and meet new people.

For more info please contact:
Harry, Katie & James –



Why a youth council?

To meet the national Scout Association’s targets for Vision Toward 2018, young people across all ages are required to have the chance to have their voice heard on all aspects of Scouting, including programme and activity planning and the way that their Group is run. By having a youth council with youth reps from each group, we are able to gain a good idea of what the youth from across the whole district would like to achieve. This enables the youth council to work along side the district team to create large scale events and shape scouting in the district around the youth.


“Every young person should be able to shape their Scouting experience.” 

Scouting in 2018 will be “Shaped by young people in partnership with adults”.


The youth council recently organsied and run a district patrol leaders hike and camp.

Upcoming Conference Weekends

Friday 19th – Saturday 20th September @ Sway Scout HQ.

Sign Up!



Scout Association Brand Guidlines

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Climbing Wall Of Youth Involvement

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